Digital Trust

Requires trustworthy use of identity


Advanced Canadian Privacy & Surveillance Compliance Services

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Digital transparency

Currently digital identity and surveillance technologies are largely invisible and operate in many ways on assurances.

Canada is leading the way to create a Pan-Canadian Trust Framework and lead the world in trustworthy privacy and security. At Smart Species we are working to implement Trustworthy Standards based services for conformance.


Open standards

A big challenge has been the lack of digital transparency for digital trust.

Digital Transparency: needs international standards to scale
Is required for powerful identity and surveillance technologies to be legal, ethical and most importantly usable by people.
So people can control their own identity and information to be a smarter species


Digital TRustworthiness

Smart Specie has partnered with OpenConsent to develop and launch the Open Privacy Network, so the rest of the world can experience the Canadian culture of Trust & Transparency.

The network is used to create digital transparency that people can see that the government, companies and their services trustworthy.

A new brand new service built with standards to enable to be digitally transparency.


Open privacy network (OPN)

OPN is a Network designed for the Organisation and it’s role as a Controller of privacy, notice, and consent. Each Controller, by nature of it’s services has a public profile that can be formalised on OPN. The Network is used to map the Legal Entity Identifiers & Privacy Type to provide privacy people can expect.

Controller Profiles are used to generate Open Notice Receipts, which are used to prove people know what their privacy is, can anonymously find out privacy information and automatically use privacy rights.


Privacy broadcasting

The first service offered in the OPN is a Controller and Privacy Policy Broadcasting service.

Add a privacy broadcasting icon to your company privacy policy to broadcast changes to privacy and surveillance, as well as automate the use of privacy rights.

Launching Canadian Pilots in Oct 2019