Smart Species Joins @DIAC

Smart Species Joins DIAC

Smart Species Joins DIAC

Smart Species Announcement:

After 10 years of think tank R&D, Smart Species is officially starting up in August 2019. To begin, Smart Species has joined Digital Identity Association of Canada (DIAC).

DIAC is a premiere global Identity Association developing the cutting edge of digital identity governance with a sole focus on the Pan Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF). DIAC is unique in its approach and ability to drive world class innovation into the Canadian digital ecosystem by building a high assurance identity and privacy framework for personal data control.

Going forward Smart Species will be working on the Pan-Canadian notification and consent conformance profiles for advanced privacy and security. Combining digital transparency innovation with next generation digital identity governance will accelerate the drive towards personal data control to lower high risk personal data processing.

Moving forward Smart Species will champion Canadian innovation in digital transparency, data governance by integrating the best of breed PCTF ‘framework’ for customers and governments internationally.

Smart Species is proud to be apart of the DIAC community.