Smart Species Projects:

Smart Species projects have focused on standards, white papers and governance innovation projects. There have been many projects over the last 15 years.

Kantara Consent Reciept

2015: The Open Notice Initiative (a previous project) had identified that standards were needed for network privacy and identity management. The Open Notice research and work was brought to the Kantara Initiative and Mark Lizar led and wrote the specification called the Minimum Viable Consent Receipt Specification, which is today and approved Kantara Specification as well as an Annex in the upcoming ISO 29184.

The consent receipt specification has already become the basis for consent and privacy records in multiple industries (Like health care in the US), as well as a basis for the consent format used by other standards, like the ISO 29100 framework, the COEL OASIS standard and the W3C Data Privacy & Control CG.

Kantara Intiative consent receipt v1.1

V1.1 approved and published


Identity trust

Identity Management - Notice & Policy Registration service provider

Identity Management - Notice & Policy Registration service provider

An identity management standards project start at Identity Commons. Focused on privacy research and innovation for fiduciary data trust services. The first ever Fiduciary Personal Data Control Community Interest Company. Launched by Smart Species in the United Kingdom in 2008 for identity management systems.


Surveillance Trust

2008 Surveillance Notice & Policy Registration service provider for CCTV in the UK, this project followed Post Graduate work of the founder. Who’s research (thesis) is published in a University Text called the Surveillance Society 2010


Open notice initiative

2012: A privacy industry group initiative calling for international collaboration for the development of notice and consent standards.

An industry initiative to create standards for digital transparency

An industry initiative to create standards for digital transparency


Kantara Consent Reciept

As an innovator and producer, Smart Species led the development of the first ever consent management service gateway.