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data governance services

Data governance, we develop digital policy and data fiduciary governance solutions for next generation digital transparency to digital policy and data fiduciary architecture. We also work with OpenConsent to provide the Open Privacy Network (OPN) in Canada.

OPN provides digital transparency for Privacy Governance

  • Real Time Data Controller to Service Monitoring

  • Providing transparency in context for digital trust

Auditing RISK: Privacy, Security, surveillance & identity

We audit service infrastructures and supply chains. We audit compliance from Video Surveillance, to privacy policies, contract services, 3rd party trust-marks, standards certifications and identity management implementation compliance. But most of all we audit entire data supply chains to provide deep insights and real-time data protection for data supply chains and to enable Data Governance Fiduciaries.

Auditing Privacy Risk & Security

Auditing Privacy Risk & Security


Real time monitoring and transparency

We provide data monitoring solutions that track and annotate changes in policy, broadcast governance alerts for real time personal security. Providing a level of transparency that goes beyond compliance and assurance to provide trust.

Smart Species Services

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