All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Since 2005, we have led efforts to develop infrastructure for open city and smart space technologies for people.

Smart Species has led a coalition of efforts and projects over the last 15 years. We have been engaged in the evolution of personal data control and public policy in Canada and the UK.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support intelligent society, with intelligent people. Our mission, is to increase transparency of services so people can see how data is used and we can all share in the benefits, be more intelligent, save the planet and build a bright and positive future.

Smart Species is a leading innovator in the governance, policy and transparency needed for next generation solutions in which people can see and control personal information..
— Joss Langford, Coelition

smart species is based on integrity in data control and transparency;

we provide consent by Default for privacy by design services

  • We use next generation digital transparency and notification solutions to enable consent by design

  • Privacy by Design and Default, Risk Auditing & Rating Services

  • Assistance with standards implementation development and feedback

  • Data Governance & Data Trust Consulting

  • Consent Design for Advance Privacy and Security architectures;

  • Operational Privacy